Mix formed by seeds wrapped by a special layer of CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) that reduces the degree of acidity of the soil and prevents any moss growth.
It creates a lawn carpet, with a fast and regular growth, extremely resistant to trampling. It is suitable also to quickly regenerate worn lawns.

SOS PRATO No Moss Zoom

1) Mow the lawn when the grass is dry if possible and remove the cuttings; 2) Till the soil deep down, taking care to break up clods; 3) Water the treated area thoroughly; 4) Shake the box briskly, open the pouring spout and distribute SOS PRATO; 5) Rake the ground to blend the mixture into the soil; 6) Keep the ground moist in the following days and the lawn will soon be repaired.

Blends consist of from 1 to 4 different species, generally several varieties of the same species, mixed in varying percentages. By choosing different species and varieties, it is possible to create lawns with very different characteristics in terms of both appearance and performance. Scientific research has shown that the fundamental factors in creating top quality turf are: 1) high seed quality; 2) a suitable feeding plan. Feeding is a key factor in obtaining a strong, well balanced, lasting lawn. Our blends are the outcome of leading-edge Dutch research and comprise the latest, most innovative species and varieties. We also recommend adoption of the NUTRIS NAUTRA PRATO feeding plan, a line of natural fertilisers developed to give the turf exactly the nourishment it needs. More fertiliser is required if the turf is subject to heavy use or if the mown grass is removed and not left on the lawn after mowing. All blends are tested for years by Leading Research Institutes but ............ the end result depends on the customer!!! Being familiar with the best aids to achieving a splendid lawn is the best solution. There are four phases: 1) Choosing the right blend; 2) Sowing; 3) Feeding; 4) Maintenance: cutting and watering. For amazing results, we advise customers to download our free Complete Lawn Guide, which provides step-by-step guidance to the right way to lay and care for a lawn. “The other man’s grass is always greener.” Is that really true?? Follow this guide and you be able to safely say that: “My grass is always greener!!”

EFFICIENT: it prevents the moss growth FAST: it sprouts in only a few days HANDY: it prevents following operations