Pumpkin Spaghetti

Yellow coloured, elongated shape with light yellow flesh that turns into flavourful filaments when cooked. Can be stored for about 2 months.

Pumpkin  Spaghetti Zoom

Using part of the garden for growing vegetables will provide delicious rewards: without too much difficulty a vegetable plot will provide fresh, nourishing vegetables, which with the aid of a freezer can be conserved over time. Just follow a few simple rules and your vegetable plot will be a source of rich satisfaction. 1) To obtain a fine tilth, the chosen sowing area should be hoed and raked. Sowing in rows is the best system. It simplifies any thinning of the seedlings, and watering. Harvesting is also easier. 2) Sow seeds straight from the pack or by hand, allowing them to flow between your fingers. Peas and beans should be sown at a depth of at least 5 cm; for all other vegetable varieties, do not exceed 1 cm. Covering the seed too deeply may impair the results. 3) Cover the seed with a rake and press down gently to firm the seed into the ground; this will help it to germinate more quickly. 4) After sowing, keep the surface damp at all times but ensure that the water falls onto the soil gently. It is important to water only early in the morning, or even better just after sunset. The sowing, thinning, bedding out and harvesting periods refer to temperate zones and may vary depending on the geographical area. We recommend you take into account the sowing temperature indicated.

Successful vegetable growing depends mainly on the following factors: EXPOSURE: read our recommendations carefully; WATER: the right drainage gives better growth; SOIL: medium consistency, fertile and well drained; OUR CARE AND ATTENTION: the human factor is important and does not just involve hard work; common sense is even more crucial; WEATHER: this is a very important variable! Choose the crops best suited to local conditions; sow at the right time, following our instructions; keep the soil moist but do not over-water; apply fertiliser regularly; eliminate weeds; check for pests: vegetables are subject to many different insects which may put your work in jeopardy!

Spaghetti pumpkin with gorgonzola sauce- Ingredients for 4 people: 1 spaghetti pumpkin – 1.5 kg, 300 g of sweet gorgonzola, 1.5 dl of cream, salt, pepper, parsley, 12 slices of bacon. Boil the whole pumpkin for one hour. Let it cool. Just before serving, simmer the gorgonzola with the cream. Whisk it together, season with salt and pepper and keep warm. Chop parsley. Fry bacon until crisp. Cut the pumpkin in half, remove seeds and extract the flesh with a fork. Distribute among your plates, season with salt and pepper, and the gorgonzola sauce. Garnish with crisp, crumbled bacon and the parsley.

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